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    Default Just need some support

    I had a SV* nearly 5 weeks ago now... ive been prety calm since but today ive been feeling the exact same way as I did before:
    Achey, headache all day, gassy, stomach pains, and this breathing lose i get normally when i get ill...

    Im just really paranoid, am i still able to catch a bug even though i only recently had one?
    I am also due on my period so could this be the reason?

    Just need a chat really...

    panicking as always

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    Default Re: Just need some support

    I think that if you were exposed to the same strain of the sv* for the next month or two, you will still have antibodies and won't catch it Those sound like period symptoms to me!
    PM me for contact info such as skype, email, or facebook. Thanks!



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