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    Default Am I in the clear?

    I started Celexa today, took it at 9:20am. Ive felt fine all day, except when I was in line at the bank..I had a small panic attack and felt like I needed to hurry up and get out of there. I started to feel a little N* then but as soon as I drove off I felt better. Since I didn't get any N* today with my pill, do you think I am in the clear? Im still worried about taking it tomorrow morning, thinking it might just pop up out of nowhere. Needing a little reassurance, these past few days have been absolutely horrible.

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    Default Re: Am I in the clear?

    I know when I start my Lexapro, it would be about 30 minutes to an hour before I got any "issues" with side effects. I would say if you haven't had anything a bit after you took the pill, you should be fine. I had to take mine with a little bit of food. Normally I would eat a few crackers and it was fine. But again, if you have not had any issues, then you should be fine!



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