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    Default Student came back to school today after having noro symptoms stop 30 hours before...

    I knew this student had noro b/c his mother emailed me and told me he'd had it until 3 am. When he came back it had been 30 hours since his last symptom.

    I teach a Special Needs Pre-K class from 7:30 to 10:30 am. While he was there, he had no d and didn't use the bathroom at all. The problem I'm having is that this little guy is a touchy-feely kind of guy and he kept laying his head on my arm and touching my hand. All I could think about was the fact that he probably didn't wash his hands well and there was noro all over them!!

    I washed my hands several times during those 3 hours, and didn't eat anything. Kept my hands away from my face, etc.

    Because I have a baby, I changed my clothes as soon as we got home. I didn't want him exposed as I was carrying him around and he pulling on my sleeve.

    How exposed do you think I am?

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    Default Re: Student came back to school today after having noro symptoms stop 30 hours before

    I teach the same type of class and I get this issue ALOT and I have only caught one sv a long time ago. I think you should be fine bc you took all the precautions. I worry about it so much too. I'd love to talk more about our jobs. Hang in there!



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