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Thread: Triggers.

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    Does anyone else feel that they are having a perfectly good day- haven't thought about the subject of V* at all and suddenly you see, smell, touch, etc something and suddenly you flash back to a bad time?! Well that just happened to me. I got though almost the whole day without fear of getting sick or feeling sick! And suddenly I went to open up a box I haven't touched since the last time I got sick 2 months ago and suddenly I could smell and taste the whole thing. THIS SUCKS!

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    that's very common but do remember, it will go away. The key is time. I use to not be able to wear the clothes I v*ed in, eat the foods, etc. Now I can. It's only been like 5 years. Its different for everyone but it's something you'll grow out of. Ironically for me, reading posts on this site make me nervous lol

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    It happens to me too. Just remember, it will pass and you will forget all about it! Hang in there!



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