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    Default Stomach bug or just stomach acid? Please help!

    I have anxiety, my stress normally comes out as stomach aches. And i fear or throwing up so it makes it sometime's worse. Not to mention that i think this week or next week i'm due to have my period.


    Yesterday (sunday) i had belly aches on and off all day. I ate like normal for breakfast i had toast (i think) or cereal then for lunch i had a wheat sandwhich bread (it was round + flat) with may-o and turkey with hot cocoa. Then for dinner i had honey nut cherrios since my stomach was bothering me. I had watched TV before falling asleep then when i did i kept waking up since it was sunday...a day before school.

    But i woke up this morning feeling fine. But as the day went on, when i went to school i started feeling a bit acidy. It was a bit in my stomach and bit in my throat kinda, but my diophram felt almost...burning-ish. And i felt almost breathless like someone punched me in the gut. I also had a bit of cramps. So later on maybe after first period i had to go to the bathroom again and i did. I was in there for about 10 minutes. I couldn't go to the bathroom which made me feel a bit worse but the cramps went away.

    I've went through the whole day of school but at the end i went to the nurse, she took my temp. and it was 99.(?) F i felt that uneasy almost breathless feeling in my stomach and diophrame, the acidy feeling in my throat went away but it's still a bit in my stomach. I was almost sucking in my stomach (not on purpose really) all day. And when i told the nurse this she asked me if my throat was bothering me because of my cold, i said no, but when i told her i was still coughing, she asked me if i was coughing on the weekend. I said yes.

    Also on and off today i kinda felt like i was going to be sick. Kinda, like i feel like i want to start gagging. Also last night i kinda had an anxiety attack, i felt a suddenly uneasy and my heart started racing very fast like when i have an attack when i feel like i'm about to throw up. (i haven't in 8 years)


    So do i have an acidy stomach or coming down with a flu? If a acidy stomach how do i get rid of it? And if a flu? How do i stop it?!

    Also right now i feel a bit hungry yet i'm scared that if i would eat i would get sick in the middle of the night if i do have the flu!

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    Default Re: Stomach bug or just stomach acid? Please help!

    Eat something to soak up the acid, like plain crackers or toast. And what you are describing sounds like acid, since I have been diagnosed with it, and am actually experiencing it this second, I know a great deal about acid reflux lol. It is extremely unpleasant, and may feel like something is coming up. I am prescribed medicine to take, however maalox definitely works, and Tums may help a little. Good luck !



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