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Thread: Another Bad Day

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    I thought I was getting passed this nervous bout V* thing but I've had another bad day today. With good reason though! I've had a gassy stomach all day today and have had to pass a lot of gas. I went to the bathroom once, only a little, earlier today. But my stomach has felt weird all day. And now I went just 30 minutes ago and it was quite a bit more and I feel relieved and I think my stomach may be getting hungry now but I can't tell the difference between being hungry or nauseated. And I'm nervous about having the s.v. I've only really gone once and chances are, I'm hungry. I haven't ate a real meal since noon. Does it sound like d* from the s.v. to any of you?

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    I must admit I have had this recently, in which I wanted to eat but once I had eaten I felt really n*. I wasn't anywhere near v*, nor did I feel as if I was going to. I wouldn't worry about it and would say it was hunger due to you having a bit of d* earlier not an sv* maybe just a little tummy upset

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    I totally know what you mean! For the last week, ever since my coworker came down with this nasty bug going around, I have been going through major freak outs. I always wash my hands after I use the bathroom and always before I eat, but the last few days, even if I am not eating, about every two hours, I am washing my hands. I cleaned my desk with wipes today three times! I work on a shift where it is just me alone and no one sits at my desk, but I still did it. I am having a really hard time trying to tell myself I need food and it is not n* and I am not going to v*, but there in the pit of my stomach it sits. I believe, if I read right, you can really only get this if you "swallow" it, correct? I make sure now that everyting I eat is by fork or spoon so I don't have to worry about my fingers coming near my mouth (even though I wash them the correct way). I really don't know why, but this year is just plain awful for this!!!!!!!



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