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    Default Husband doesn't feel well. :(

    He woke up with an upset stomach and now has a headache. He hasn't gotten out of bed yet. No d* or v* so far. He did take some Pepto so hopefully that helps. I'm freaking out a little. My brother and his fiancÚ are here and it's not like him to stay in bed like this when people are here. He's even said he wants to skip church. Again, that's not like him.

    I'm really hoping this isn't the start of a stomach bug. I already took my anxiety meds because I was freaking out.

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    Default Re: Husband doesn't feel well. :(

    I hope hiim and you are feeling better!!!

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    Default Re: Husband doesn't feel well. :(

    well it doesnt take long to set in, so if its been a few hours then its prob just a migraine, lack of sleep, so many diff things. but id say if it passes 4 hours of him feeling like this without d or v, he prob doesnt have a bug

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    Default Re: Husband doesn't feel well. :(

    He's up now and feeling better. Ate some lunch even and hasn't gotten sick at all. Thanks for the support!



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