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    Default Please help!!! So worried!!!

    On sunday i was playing basketball with my friends. Before we started playing a kid spit and some of it was blown on to my face, complete accident. So we start playing our games and it turns out that the kid who accidently got spit on me, covers me the whole time. I find out the next day that he was throwing up all that night.....Im so scared, please someone let me know if ill be fine.

    (p.s. Isnt it true that people arent contagious until after they throw up???)


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    Default Re: Please help!!! So worried!!!

    You will be fine. Saliva and mucus doesn't contain the virus in itself. It can become temporarily contaminated by v*, but only if the person has already thrown up, like you said. And he wasn't sick until that night. So you will be fine, even though that sounds like an unpleasant experience!

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    Default Re: Please help!!! So worried!!!

    Cinque is right. You can't get it via saliva. The only way you'd be able to get it from him spitting on you would be from the fact that he already v* before and then spat on you. But that's because he could still have v* particles in his mouth, not because of the saliva. The stomach virus is not transferred via saliva. It's transferred via fecal matter or v* particles.

    Just try to relax. You will be fine.



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