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    Default Just need some reassurance :-/

    So, yesterday I went to wends drive through around noon. I actually like Wendy's and never have an issue. So I get there and when they open the window, I heard in chatter what I believe was "everyones puking" I did get my food, but only ate like half cause I was worried, but I'm trying to work on not running away from issues.

    So, I was worried All might I was gonna get food poisoning. Just waiting for it. It's been over 24 hours and I feel fo e, impolite twice so I figure itx out of me? I was really groggy today cause I didn't sleep wel and worked a shift I neverhavebefore. So I was anxious.

    Buri feel ok, and I'm Ble to eat. So if I did have fp I'd feel a lot worse right?
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    Default Re: Just need some reassurance :-/

    Don't worry! It's not 100% confirmed that what you heard had to do with food poisoning or even with any of the employees. It's been over a day and you've felt fine (except for being tired!) so you're in the clear. Everything's going to be fine, don't worry

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    Default Re: Just need some reassurance :-/

    How do you feel now? I'm sure you're fine. Maybe they were talking about people they know getting noro? They probably weren't v*ing in Wendy's. And if they were they would be sent home.

    Plus, you said 'what you think you heard'. There have been so many times where I thought I heard something related to v*ing or illness, and when I asked the person (because I'm blunt about my phobia and will explain why I'm asking) they would tell me that no one said anything about getting sick, etc. I think the emet brain "hears" things related to v* when that's not what was actually said.

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    Default Re: Just need some reassurance :-/

    I don't think you got fp you just thought u did because of what you think you may have heard. It's amazing what selective words we cn pick up on even idiot we can't hear the entire conversation.

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    Default Re: Just need some reassurance :-/

    Trust me if everyone is puking from food posioning they are not going to be serving food because they could easily get in trouble for it now a days, and they wouldn't put there business in that kind of jeapordy. I doubt this has anything to do with the food they were serving and just common gossip that goes on at work, which is totally stupid even if I wasn't a emet I still would be pissed at my employee's for even mentioning something like this for the same reason why you are scared and cause its a place serving food and cause I don't want to hear that before I eat, it sets a bad example for the company. But sometimes us emets are so concentrated on our fear and eating out, we only have selective hearing and sometimes we might misinterpret words just because of our fear, not saying this happened to you but its likely and I bet you will be just fine.
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