Hello all,

Hope you are doing well.
I have been really positive lately and things have been getting better for me. My brother and his gf live together and often come over on Sundays (today). He called to see if we were free for them to come over but he said his girlfriend wasn't feeling well and hasn't been since thursday. My mum persuaded him to just come over another day because she has similar worries in regards to emetophobia. His girlfriend works at a child care centre so I figure she picks up things from the children. They went out late last night so I figure she isn't feeling too bad. I still don't know if its a flu or something else.
I just really don't want them to come to my house tomorrow for dinner. It would really freak me out and make me turn into that person I hate, the one that goes to extreme lengths to avoid people and has to monitor what she's touched and if I washed my hands properly etc.

Any advice guys?

Thanks and God bless.