Man, i am so sick of this crap. I was feeling fine most of the day, felt a few gas pangs in my stomach but it wasnt too bad. Then I cooked dinner, normal stuff. Hubby and I decided to go to a martini and dessert bar down the street. When we left I wasnt feeling the best in my belly but i figured it was just the gas I had been having all day. We had been there a couple of hours and all of a sudden my stomach rolled and it was time to go home. Now I feel like i might have D. I do not drink. So the only thing I had there was some cake and earl grey tea. I took a zofran while i was there, also some homeopathic stuff and some cell salts. All of that was around 10 to 1030. My stomach is still hurting but the nausea has subsided. Could this be FP? or a SV? Does this stuff happen like that? Update: just tried to go to the bathroom, no D. thank goodness.
I dont even want to go to sleep for fear that the meds will wear off and i will wake up with the need to V. should i take some more and get some rest?