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    Default Not coping again

    Very bad couple of days- I'm hearing about it wherever I go!!

    Yesterday I was waiting for a docs appointment for my jaw ad found out one of the nurses was off sick.

    Today, I get my prescription and found out they are likely to give me an upset stomach. Great. Then a girl I wok with told me how her other half may have a virus a he keeps feeling sick and has an upset stomach and might have to leave off of work. And people from work keep being off ill.

    I can't cope with this- the sun in shining outside, it feels like spring but why is it everywhere?

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    Default Re: Not coping again

    A couple of people just walked past and one said they had been sick lots this year... It's following me!

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    dont worry!!!! i know it seems bad now, but it sounds to me like you have good hygiene so you shouldnt catch it! unfortunately, people are getting diarrheal illnesses all the time, but they're not necessarily noro or anything contagious. people just eat bad food or have bad hygiene. have you ever been seen health map? google it. itll tell you if there are any outbreaks in your area. ive looked up noro like, 1,000 x and ive found that the only real outbreaks are in hospitals. its making me feel better

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    Something is wrong- I feel heavy, tired, and like I want to gag. I have never felt like this before and I'm at work.

    Please help, something's not right.

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    I keep hearing about sv* every bloody time I think its safe somebody somewhere tells me of so and so whose got it!! Aagh!! A couple of hours ago my daughters friend who is 4 months pregnant was being sick and had stomach cramps so she rang her midwife who informed her that theres a sv raging and shes probably got that. How are you feeling? Im guessing that youre home from work by now.



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