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    Default So what are my chances? :(

    A woman I work with came in today and said she'd had a bad sv* over the weekend. JUST when I really thought we were okay now we're in April, and I could let my guard down a little.

    The woman wasn't off work with it, she works part time, as she has a young child. She's also about 20 weeks pregnant. She said she found it weird because neither her child or other half got the virus, but her other pregnant friend who she'd seen just before the weekend got it over the weekend as well.

    I'm so confused. I sit near her at work, and it doesn't help that I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold (that's going round the office too). We work for the same team sort of thing, so we share lists and discuss cases.

    I don't know what to do - I think my chances are so high and she said about how horrible it was that she couldn't even keep water down. Urgh!

    I have tried to use a different bathroom today and I use anti-viral hand sanitiser, but I don't know if that was enough. Right before the Easter break as well, whch I REALLY need after a really stressful/crappy time at work.

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    If she's the only one who had it, it sounds more like food poisoning of some description, which you can't catch unless you've been eating the same foods, so you should be fine. :') Keep washing your hands, and you'll be OK. xx

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    It's really not as easy to catch as one may think. If you keep your hands away from your mouth/face and wash your hands (don't overdo it) then you will be just fine!
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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    If her other half and child didn't catch it and they live with her and breathe in the same air as her and spend a lot of time with her then i very much doubt you will get it, focus on the positive, they didn't get it and they are close to her..so why will you? I know its hard as i would be thinking the exact same thing as you, but try to focus on that positive

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    Thank you all so much for your support, this has really meant a lot to me today. I'm going through a really tough time with work, and knowing I can come home, rant on here and get some support makes me feel a ton better.

    I did find it weird they didn't catch it, but do you think maybe there's still time for them to catch it? I'll try my best to keep up with my hygiene for my hands, I just always worry it's never enough.

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    Today hasn't been good.

    I've had to share lots of files with the lady and she even leant my desk (have now cleaned with Dettol). I have been mostly relying on hand sanitiser but what about if thatdoent work? So so so scared.

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    I think you will be fine....like everybody else said, make sure to keep your hands clean and it looks as if you are on top of sanitizing your desk so hang in there.

    I think you are most likely to catch the cold from people than the virus....hang in there!!!!

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    Thanks Erica... do you think the sanitiser shall be enough though? It doesn't help that the stomach aches are starting to come!

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    Default Re: So what are my chances? :(

    I hate counting down the hours- it drives me mad! Just reached the 24 hour mark when i last saw her so it could hit me any minute. I hate this so much. Going to have some tea but worried crazy.



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