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    Little sister has just suddenly v*d. She's been fine all day, apparently it just hit her now with barely any warning. I was in the car with her all day, her in the back, me in front. Could be salmonella as she's got a new snake and apparently they can carry it, but Mum's taken her to hospital. FREAKING OUT!

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    lolwut a snake!?!? Well as I'm sure you know, children can vomit due to a plethora of reasons. You are not doomed to get ill even if she does have something contagious. You will be fine if you just keep up with good hygiene habits. I know it's scary, but try and relax!
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    O no! bless you both! I know its scary, and easier said than done, but you need to try to relax, and also keep hygienic, exactly as DeadxxInside92 said! n o my gosh a snake?! xXx

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    How did everything turn out? I hope it's not salmonella, I'm sorry you are freaking out I would be too but like everyone said keep up the hygiene and try to stay positive!



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