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    Default im going to be a mess for the next 2 days!!

    my children went to there dads this weekend for easter they dont see him much so normally im not put in this spot. he is not a clean person which only adds to this. i know that most sicknesses will come on within 24-48 hours after exposure and so i HATE that wait. most days i just wait it out if my kids act fine im fine but they were at there dads and hes not at all responsible and lets the kids stay up til 3am and then gets them back up at 9am. so there dead tired and even though i know that i just think there sick because they look so tired how does everyone else deal with the waiting period, its gonna be a long night of worrying and i dont know what ill do if one of them actually gets sick

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    Default Re: im going to be a mess for the next 2 days!!

    First off, well done for going ahead with your plans even though you knew it'd put you on the spot. I know its not necessarily helpful *now*, while you're freaking out, but this can be a step forward. When you feel like you're in the 'danger zone' your anxiety is very high, but when it passes, it will have challenged your fear of germs. Obviously the fear doesnt just go, but next time your kids go to their father's, the anxiety level afterwards may not be so high. Thats why challenging your fears is a good thing.

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