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    Default Thought of the Sickness bug never leaves my mind :(

    Hi ,

    I have had Emetophobia for about 9 months now , I got it from being on a spinal board after a car accident last year ( wont go into detail as it really is quite traumatic for me to talk or even think about)
    I had a Kidney infection about 5 weeks ago which caused not being able to eat for 2 weeks , constant nausea and I was dry heaving because there was simply nothing to bring up ( sorry for details) ...... ever since then well ever since I got Emet all I can ever think about is that iv'e caught a bug , im so convinced I have one I have to practice vomitting in the mirror every hour or so just to try and prepare myself for when it happens , I find it extremely hard to eat , am always nauseus and have huge panic attacks especially at night time.
    It's wearing me out , I need to think of something else even if it's just for ten minutes , sometimes I feel like im not even on the same planet as everyone else.

    Does anyone else have this thought overuling them all day , everyday ??



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    Default Re: Thought of the Sickness bug never leaves my mind :(

    Hi Sam,

    you're not alone in feeling this way, think we all go through these phases, I certainly do.
    The phrase you use "sometimes I feel like I'm not on the same planet" is a typical symptom of anxiety and you're not alone in feeling that way.
    Avoiding eating will only worsen the n* which in turn ups the emet anxiety response, a self stoking cycle which *could* be leading to the panic attacks.
    Try and eat something light such as soup to calm the stomach, and suck mints or anti-acid tablets to ease the n*
    (I'm not a doctor of any kind, the above are only from my experience)



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