This is yet another text game to get you guys addicted!! LOL!! Here's how to play. One person will say something, for example, The Person (who posts) Below Me Plays the Cello. Then the next person will answer true or false, and say another The Person Below Me statement and so on and so forth.

TPBM=The Person Below Me

Here's an example:

Jack will say TPBM likes to pick their nose

Frank will say False and say TPBM likes to eat sushi

Jill will say True and then TPBM likes......whatever and then the next person will say true or false.

Got it??

I'll start.

TPBM (The Person Below Me) watched the Friend's finale on Thursday

(The next person will answer either True or False and make up another statement for the next person to answer and so on.)