I cant believe i did this. Yesterday my family took me to Macaroni Grill for Mothers Day Dinner. I got a pasta with roasted chicken, shrimp and proscuito covered in a rosemary cream sauce and had the waiter sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. I didnt eat it all. After Dinner we put the food in the car (i live in Ga so its kind of hot here) but only for about an hour while we were in the book store. I still had ice in my drink that was in the car as well so i dont guess it was very hot. Then we went to another store for about 20 minutes. Then we went home and put the food in the fridge. I heated it up around 130pm and ate some. Had a piece of the chicken and i am sure smalle pieces of the proscuito because it was broken up in the pasta. There wasnt anymore shrimp in the pasta because i ate it all at the resturant.
Now i dont feel well. I have a lot of nausea right now. My stomach is making some noises but i guess that could be because i havent eaten since lunch. Also I was starting to feel a little funny before i ate the food. I had eaten a steak bagel for breakfast around 10:30. Maybe thats the culprit.
Could my food have gone bad??? It was a cream sauce. Proscuito is like a ham right? I cant believe i ate it. I NEVER do that. I hate leftovers for that reason. I normally would have thrown it out. My husband ate some too but it was about an hour later. He isnt feeling bad. But he didnt eat the chicken and he had less proscuito cause he doesnt like meat so i made sure to take it out as best i could.
So does anyone think that the food was bad. My friends that i have asked said it should have been fine but i sure dont feel fine!