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    Default Mad illness at work

    I'm so sorry to post about my worries about bugs at work again but this is bad.

    I'm worried because everyone is talking about illness at the moment. Now I know the general flu/bad cold has been going around and tons of people have had that. In fact today is the first day I'm back at work after having nearly a week off because of that virus. I felt terrible!

    But there's a sickness bug and I know at least 3 people who have had\have it. There's loads of people off at work and it's the talk at the mo because we are so thin on the ground.

    I know that I have to have good hygiene but I feel so worried because I'm coughing a lot and I don't know whether putting my hand near my face is a good thing plus I will probably have a weakened immune system from this flu.

    What do I do? What do I take? So petrified

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    Default Re: Mad illness at work

    Hey, im exactly the same. I work as a dental nurse and im constantly working above people who are full of germs. And i have actually had a patient say at the end of there treatment they have a sickness bug and we was lucky she didnt vomit! i was horrified i went home and was so upset and angry, but to someone who isnt an emetophobe.. not such a big deal.

    You will be a little less vigilant against any germs right now as youve been ill, BUT this is what i tell myself and what my sister tells me... Say theres a family of 5, 1 child and 1 adult get the bug, not all of the family do.. Its luck of the draw, some people who are very unhygienic never get ill. A few months ago... i was literally at my whits end, my boyfriend his mum dad brother and sister in law and neice all had the sickness bug, i was in the house with them the day befor they all came down with it. As soon as i heard i washed all the clothes and hid at home, for a week before coming back. Luckily his mum had bleached the house but still i felt uncomfortable kissing my boyfriend. Also the same at work, once one person gets it it seems to spread. I would avoid eating in communial areas, having a disenfectant hand rub by you. And keep your work area clean, i.e keyboard phone and MAINLY MOBILE PHONE. Studies show that the worse thing you own is the mobile phone as people use it everywere.. the toilet, when eating.. anytime! Stay safe and be aware. But try to remeber.. fail to prepare, prepare to fail. so make sure u keep to all your hygiene tips! xxx

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    Default Re: Mad illness at work

    im shocked it's still going around as bad as it is for this time of year. once school lets out in a few weeks for the summer things should improve. just remember noro is always around all year but it less known in the summer months as far as outbreaks. so far my family has made it through this winter without it, we shall see what happens in the next few weeks. it's almost june folks, hang tight.

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    Default Re: Mad illness at work

    Thanks for your help guys - I'm not sure if I feel much better... especially as I know I'm more likely to get it due to being ill...

    I eat at my desk, but will be sticking to fork food (noodles, rice, etc) for the next few days. I clean my desk with Dettol wipes, but they're probably not enough, and I do use an anti viral sanitiser but I'm never sure if it's enough. Suppose it's just a waiting game now.

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    Default Re: Mad illness at work

    Sorry you're feeling so stressed. All I can suggest is hand washing and keeping your fingers out of your mouth - though I know this isn't news to you. Im going through much the same thing at the moment. For past 10 days a co-worker I share a desk, telephones and keyboards with has had a really nasty cold. Then over the weekend I came down with it. Then today she said her youngest grandson, who spends everyday over at her house, has had a sickness and d* bug (he's only 8 months so still in nappies), he then passed it onto his 5 year old brother and apparently its rampant around local primary schools. She went on to say she always picks up stomach bugs from them ! I keep thinking if I managed to get this cold from her the chances are high that I'll also pick up any other bugs she gets. I really thought the worse was over as far as noro and the such were concerned. I started taken zinc tablets on saturday when I first had symptoms of this cold as its supposed to help your immune system.



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