I'm traveling out of the country for a mission trip in about a month. I'm only 15 and my mom has been meaning to call a therapist for me for a long time, but she just got around to it. The only opening is two months from now, after I'll be back from my trip. This trip is may include a long airplane ride, many dirty children and people, possible contaminated water, possible food poisoning, altitude sickness, and poisonous bugs. I was really hoping to get some professional help before I went, but now I know this is not possible. My mom doesn't understand my fear and is not helpful to talk to. And to make things worse, my emetophobia has been a lot worse recently, and has flared up at random times. I'm on lexapro and it helps control my severe symptoms (such as thoughts of suicide), but I am really worried about my trip. What is somethings I should be doing to prepare for what I may experience on this trip? Has anyone had any success with any self-therapy methods, or even just little tricks to help my calm myself down?
Thanks so much.