I'm just so lost. I dont want this to be a ranting post but I dont know what to do. I never ever get a break from this. This phobia is my life. The thought of being Sick is on my mind at every second of the day. It's always something new to worry about. Like right now my nose is a little stuffy but i dont think its a cold becasue usually when i get a cold my throat hurts first and i was a little Dizzy so does that mean its sinuses? and cant sinuses make you N*? I'm supossed to babysit for little kids tonight i hope i can do it because they need me and i hope they dont have any SV* germs. I also worry about my medication i just moved from 10-15 on Lexapro. Everyday of school is a struggle and i barely make it through. I'm so scared and lost.