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    Default Help! Feeling SO n* and spaced out?!

    Feeling pretty upset.

    So last night I felt a tiny bit 'off' but put it down to an emet thing. I'm currently in the process of changing my birth control pill and thought that would be part of it.

    I went to bed and ended up sleeping in a little (til about 9:20am) and when I woke up, I felt so lethargic, like I hadn't sleep long. I got straight up, had breakfast and a cup of tea thinking I was just half asleep still. But the thing is, I also felt SO spaced out. Like I wasn't really with it.

    I went to meet a friend for lunch and the whole time I just felt heavy, fatigued, and my head just didn't feel there. I've also been having bad n*.

    I walked home afterwards which was really tough to do. I had 'frog noises' which is like indigestion for me.

    I've taken a Phenergan now I'm home but they tend to make me feel really sleepy so might not have been the best idea, but the n* was just getting too much.

    What do you think this is?!

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    Default Re: Help! Feeling SO n* and spaced out?!

    Did you actually get enough sleep - like how late did you get to bed?

    I quite often feel exactly like that when I've not had enough sleep....and also if I'm a little bit consipated (I know - TMI!)

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    Default Re: Help! Feeling SO n* and spaced out?!

    Thank you for replying. I went to sleep about midnight but was reading and laid in until 9ish so would have thought that was enough? I just fell asleep on the sofa so now got o and into bed but still feel yuck

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    Default Re: Help! Feeling SO n* and spaced out?!

    I sometimes feel like that if I have more sleep than I'm used to? Maybe that happened to you?



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