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    Default Please please help

    Ok so I was hungry this morning, had breakfast but then got a lot of gas and had to use the restroom. I had semi loose bm and after that couldn't go again. My stomach started growling later I thought so I had lunch. I felt sick after but I always do. I also had a lot of rumbling in my upper left abdomen and side. I decided I might be a little hungry just a few minutes ago but now that I ate the rumbling came back and I HAD to use the restroom. It was very loose, I guess coupled with a little d*. It's weird because the pain I have when I need to go is lower in my intestines, but this time it's in my upper middle abdomen, maybe a few inches under my breastbone. It feels like a stomachache I guess. I'm freaking out and starting to feel n*! Idk what's wrong with me! I'm so afraid I have the sv*! How do I know! Someone please help me!

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    I hope you're feeling a bit better today. I've been dealing with this same thing lately. I don't think it's a sv, the n* is probably caused by your anxiety over not feeling well and the rumbling is most likely gas, especially if you haven't been eating very much. The pain you have in your abdomen sounds like your cardiac sphincter might be irritated, although I'm no expert. That can happen if you have acid reflux, whether it's stress induced or from something you ate. My husband and I have both experienced that kind of pain and my husband's was so severe he thought he was having a heart attack. If you're still having symptoms it couldn't hurt to take some Pepto to settle your system and stick to bland foods for a day or so. Feel better soon!



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