help me im freaking out my stomach is gurgling so much im terrified i cant calm down idk what this is ive been nauseous and feeling off all day. i know i always am but today feels more real and different and like im sick. 3 other people today were talking about how they were nauseous today. i also ate food that other kids at my school made homemade like truffles and i also had an eclair that someone bought from the store. my stomach is making the grossest gurgling sounds. it sounds so acidicy i guess and its just freaking me out. today i ate peanut butter with ritz crackers, eggs, chocolate, croissants, granola bar, and im terrified. im not hungry even though the last time i ate was about 6 hours ago.(so im not digesting either) im too scared to eat anyways. i dont feel very gassy im terrified why is it gurgling. last time i v* in may my stomach was really gurgly like this