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    Default Still scared and panicing

    My 2 year old woke up yesterday with a stomach virus and of course as you all know the old brain decided to spin out of control with dread, fear, and it's going to get me doom.
    My husband kept her away from me the best he could since he understands or at least tries to understand my phobia. After she stopped doing that dreaded word, I did go out in the living room around her and him. I lysoled everything. I haven't eaten in over 24 hours or drank anything because of this fear. And I barely slept last night thinking I was going to catch it. My daughter one time got up on me after she was feeling really good and started bouncing on me and she was drooling with her tongue out which landed on me so that has me scared. Now my husband is up inthe bathroom with diarreah and that is spinning me out of control. I have been trying to keep my hands away from my face and my hands washed. BUT THE FEAR....I HATE THE FEAR....AND THE WHOLE VIRUS!

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    Default Re: Still scared and panicing

    I know what you mean, my son has it right now and I'm so scared to be in my own home.
    My Jacob makes life beautiful.

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    Default Re: Still scared and panicing

    That's how I feel also...and now even more so because I did a stupid stupid thing. I always wash my hands every time I touch anything and just now...I forgot to after handling her new toys she got for her birthday....I went outside real quick to greet my husband who just got home..grabbed my daughter's shoes so she could go outside with him and then I grabbed a quick bite to eat and forgot to wash my hands because I had just done it not too long before picking up her toys. As soon as I put the food into my mouth I said...crap...I forgot to wash my hands! I'm doomed.



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