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    Default Feeling nervous of *sv

    So, I got a cold from my niece and have felt pretty bad since yesterday, really congested, sneezing constantly, cough and feel really cold! Was ok as thought a cold is ok! Then someone at work says their son started with a cold then *v all night! feeling v *n now and stomach is gurgling! So scared of getting *sv! Any advice if this may be it or am I just panicking myself into a sleepless night again?!

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    Default Re: Feeling nervous of *sv

    Kids often v* with any kind of illness, including colds sometimes. They have weak tummies so pretty much anything can make them sick. It doesn't mean you, as an adult, will have the same symptoms. Although I do find that colds will cause nausea and bloating, partly due to post-nasal drip, it pretty much never leads to v* in adults.



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