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Thread: Reglan??

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    My zofran prescription ran out and since it's a Sunday I can't get into the dr to get some more. But I have some Reglan in my cabinet, the last time I took it I got sick but I don't know if it is what made me sick or I just had a REALLY bad bug. Does Reglan help with nausea???? I have had severe nausea since I started my birth control last sunday, and even though I gave it up on Wednesday I still have tummy issues and I just want to cry.

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    Yes...I was given reglan during childbirth when they said they were out of compazine (what hospital runs out of compazine???), but it was fine!! Go for it.

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    Hey there, I take reglan as needed for my tummy issues and it's never really bothered me. It just makes me really groggy and sometimes gives me d* the day after I take it but that's about it !



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