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    Default worried i will get flu, help

    My mam has come down with flu, at first I thought it was just a cold and they don't bother me too much so i didn't take a lot of care washing my hands and stuff. but last night she was in bed all evening feeling achy and shivering and im so scared i'll get it because i was sick with a flu thing when i was about 10 (im 20 now) flu which i caught off her, which she had felt sick with too. she said she hasnt felt sick at all with this flu but im so so scared i'll get it and v*

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    Default Re: worried i will get flu, help

    Remember that children often get sick with illnesses, whereas adults tend not to. I have had flu twice in my life and although I felt physically awful, I did not feel nauseous or v* at all. Make sure you wash your hands often and that she is getting rid of all her tissues so noone else comes into contact with it. You'll be okay
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    Default Re: worried i will get flu, help

    It's very, very rare to v* from influenza in adults or older children. I'm sure you'll be fine, even though a flu is beyond unpleasant. Hope you avoid it, and if not.. get some rest and hope you feel better soon!



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