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    Default Share your fav. Song/s

    Theres nothing quite like finding a new favorite song and often it's sheer fluke that we come across it. What is your favorite song/s to listen to when you're feeling a bit down or anxious? Mine (3 at the moment), in no particlar order are;
    1. Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel
    2. Waiting For The Miracle by Leonard Cohen, and
    3. Fairytale by Alexander Rybak.
    They're all a little emotive but REALLY addictive! Hope someone enjoys them! Xx
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    Default Re: Share your fav. Song/s

    1. Sanctuary- Paradise Fears (My favorite band...I've seen them 7 times! haha)
    2. Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
    3. Constellations- Enter Shikari

    As a music fanatic, I really like this thread idea because now we can all get a taste of the music each of us like

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    Default Re: Share your fav. Song/s

    1. Where I Come From - Passion Pit
    2. Clair De Lune - Debussy (spelling? whoops)
    3. Babel - Mumford and Sons
    4. The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes
    5. Wings - Little Mix

    I love this thread! Music is literally what keeps me breathing! These are the songs I turn to in the midst of a panic attack to calm me down. I couldn't choose just 3, sorry!

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    Default Re: Share your fav. Song/s

    Ok, I feel like a total dork admitting some of these ( and an old one at that!) but here are some of my "pick me up" songs
    1-I'm Free (kenny loggins from footloose)
    2-Don't Stop (fleetwood mac)
    3-Little Bird (Annie lennox)

    Yes, I know I'm a dork
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