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    Default helpp pleasee :(

    I ate some chicken about 8 and a half hours ago that smelt a bit funny after defrosting but I cooked it anyways as we had nothinf else in for tea I feel ok but I'm panicking I have food poisoning and I'll v* its my 19th birthday tomorrown and I don't want it spoilt with ne panicking how long do symptoms usually take to show? I'm so scared. Sorry for all the mistakes I'm on my phone x

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    Default Re: helpp pleasee :(

    Are you okay? As long as you cooked it all the way, you should be fine.

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    I hope you're doing better! I'm sure you will be fine. Symptoms of food poisoning tend to show up suite quickly. If you haven't been ill yet, you should be just fine. I have always lived by the rule: when in doubt, throw it out.



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