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    Default Real N* or Anxiety

    For some reason I have been fixated on the act of V* today- I keep thinking about it- which in turn is making me feel it Do you guys think V* is always accompanied by an upset stomach?... or can it happen while the stomach is perfectly settled? Whenever I get anxiety about V* it's never really in my stomach- it's always in my throat- like that feeling I could start gagging if I really think about it... or if I eat too much..I always feel it in my throat- barely ever the belly... this worries me because I never know whether it's my anxiety (which it is half the time) or real N*... blahhh It's so frustrating because some days it barely bothers me and other days its all I can think about- I start thinking about it so much I bring on the other symptoms such as watery mouth and a stomach ache. Then I start googling information about V* and the throat and stomach and of course that makes you think too much as well! HELP!

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    I think its gotta be associated with an upsetvstomach if your not a person with a weak stomach. Ive met people who have weak stomachs n can throw up at bad smells and things. My anxiety nausea is like a nervous feelingin my stomach and like a massive ball of butterflies. I also get the feeling in my throat too its horrid

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    If its in your throat only it's anxiety. I was doing horribly back in March and was so convinced that I was going to v* I was gagging almost everyday. My counselor helped me realize this was anxiety related and that if I didn't feel sick to my stomach I'd be fine. So deep breaths and hang in there it'll be okay!



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