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    So my fiance tells me this morning that he was not feeling well, he woke up pretty dizzy.. however, he seemed to be okay because we went to lunch and the movies. However, during and afterwards he used the bathroom a number of times, however, I still didn't think too much of it because he is never sick. After lunch he got really hot and had to go stand outside... yet again I just thought he was full or something. So the day went on and he seemed okay so we went back to my house and had some wine. He had like 4 glasses, however, he drank them pretty fast. Afterwards he seemed pretty drunk and claimed his stomach felt horrible... long story short he ended up V*ing 3 times in a bucket in my back yard. Of course I could not stand out there with him and had him rinse the bucket out with a hose. He said he felt much better afterwards, however, now I am freaking out! Could he have V*ed only from the alcohol or did he really have a stomach bug? Sounds to me like he already had a bug and the alcohol made it worse. I've been around him everyday and kissed him as well. I'm so afraid I'm going to get it. My stomach has been making weird gassy sounds all day now that I think about it... and I had a little d* earlier. Could I be getting what he has? I've been washing my hands like crazy and sanitizing.. but I did kiss him before the V* and that's what is freaking me out!

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    That is strange. Sounds like something was up, though I am not 100% sure what. If it was a true sv* I can't imagine that he would have been eating and drinking all day or that he would have wanted 4 glasses of wine! I doubt it was a sv*, it just sounds like his stomach was irritated and then he made some bad choices. Even if it was a sv*, it's not spread through saliva. Take a deep breath, you're going to be ok! Worse case scenario, he DID have something contagious, if you come down with it, you know now to take it easy. If he hadn't guzzled the wine I am sure he would have been fine.



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