So I live in a tiny two bedroom apartment in the city. My roommate and I don't share rooms, but we share a bathroom. She said she felt bad on Sunday and woke up Monday and was dizzy, cramping and vomited several times. I didn't witness/know about any of this until Monday night. I have NOT been as vigilant about hygiene since I thought we were in the clear from noro, but APPARENTLY WE AREN'T! I'm terrified. Obviously I've used the bathroom many times since then, and the kitchen. I feel totally fine/hungry but I'm waiting for it to hit. I know I've come in contact with something. I'm so afraid to go to sleep, and I have plans this weekend that I really didn't want to back out of (like I always do).

Do you guys think I'm in the clear or is there still risk? She's not vomitting and hasn't since early Monday morning. UGH, help! :-(