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    Default Boyfriend feels sick...

    So me and my boyfriend of 8 months don't get to see each other hardly ever(my mom is very controlling and won't let us be together even though I'm 19) But last night I had a "girls night" And my girl friends took me to his house so we could see each other. He is the only person who knows about my emetophobia so he told me before I came over "No babe. I'm not sick. No one in my family is sick. No there are no germs" Bless his heart lol. Obviously we were kissing and cuddling and everything was peachy. He even made me forget about my anxiety about being around people and "germs" I left around 11 that night. I get home and we talked on the phone around 1 in the morning and he started saying how his chest hurt really bad. I didn't think much about it and went to bed. Then today around 3 he said his stomach hurt and his sides. He took a nap for about 3 hours (the whole time I was in complete panic mode) Then when he woke up he said he was really hungry which made me feel better. But he's been super tired today. We usually stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning talking on the phone but he went to sleep at like 10 because he was so tired. Does this sound like some kind of bug to you? If so how long should I stay away? I have a chance to see him Saturday and I'd really like to see him, but once again, emetophobia wins over

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    I forgot to add something too. When I was in his room, I noticed that there was a HUGE spot of mold right about his bed(he lives on a reservation and his family doesn't have enough money to get it fixed) Do you think this could have something to do with it? His chest actually seems to hurt alot

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    Default Re: Boyfriend feels sick...

    Sounds like a respiratory problem, or maybe an allergic response to the mold. There is a product called Killz which you paint on and it inhibits mold growth. That may be a solution to the problem if they can't replace the section of wall.

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    Default Re: Boyfriend feels sick...

    I would definitely say it has got something to do with the mould above his bed especially as you say his chest hurts a lot. It could very well be causing a respiratory infection/problem which is causing him pain and making him tired. It might be an idea for him to see a doctor to get himself checked out as it is possible it could be asthma too and the mould is irritating it further. They would then at least be able to give him some medication to help ease the symptoms.

    I know you said that his family cannot afford to get the wall fixed, but there are plenty of cleaning products out there that can either kill mould or inhibit its growth. There are also sealants you can buy which reduce the chances of mould growing. I am not sure where you are in the world so I cannot recommend any products by name, but maybe you and/or him could look into what products are out there which might help.

    I don't think he has anything contagious though so I don't think you need to stay away from him. If you have the chance to see him on Saturday I would say go for it and just enjoy your time together.
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