I went to the local pool for the first time this summer yesterday. It's been redone into a fancy water park. At one point I was about to go into the shallow end, but somebody stopped me and said some kid had v-ed, so that area of the water was off limits. I asked someone about it, and they said they were shocking the water with chemicals to kill the germs. Thank goodness I barely stepped in the shallow end. I didn't see any v. However, I'm scared because what if the sick kid had been in areas of the pool I'd been in? At one point I got a bunch of water in my mouth, but I'm sure I spit it back out. I visited with my sister today and drank lots of Coke. Just awhile ago, I went to the bathroom and it was very little, but I had gas and a little mucus. I started feeling panicky and got hot all over. I took my temperature and it's 98.1. I sprayed myself in the face with water from a spray bottle and sat in front of a fan. That makes me feel better. Maybe it's a hot flash, as I am 41 years old. I'll be 42 next November. I hope I didn't catch anything from the pool. I'd been wanting to go all summer, but we've had lots of rainy days. I hope I don't have any loose bowels. My bowels haven't been giving me any trouble since just after Thanksgiving. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. I hope they continue to do well.