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    Default Please help- I'm freaking

    I'm new here and wish my first post could be happier but I'm at a friend's (there are three of us). I ate jacket potato, salad and four chicken wings. Another girl ate chicken nuggets and chips, ans she was just sick. (we ate about5 hours ago). She says she thinks she just ate too much but I'm fighting a panic attack.
    Bloated (which happens when I eat carbs like that), shaking and cold.

    Is anyone awake? Any idea when I could consider myself safe ?

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    Default Re: Please help- I'm freaking

    Aw hun, try to keep yourself calm! I KNOW it's so hard..but dont freak out too much. This girl probably did eat too much, if she says she thinks thats whats wrong with her. I think if she were sick sick, she would definitely know and probably wouldnt wanna hang out anymore!
    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; But of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. (2Timothy. 1:7)

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    Default Re: Please help- I'm freaking

    I would freak out as well, but try to remain calm. If she is sick she would most likely know it. My whole family had a sv* 3 weeks ago and there was no mistaken we were all sick. Along with v* & d* we felt VERY run down and cold, and exhausted. My husband even ran a fever. All we wanted to do was lay down. If she isn't doing any of that it was most likely what she ate or ate too much. *hugs*



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