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    Default Sudden n*, horrific panic

    I can't stop shaking, having difficulty writing this. I had a late dinner tonight as was working late and also had quite a few sweets and a yogurt.

    I've just had a terrifying wave of nausea out the blue.

    I am in antibiotics which have been giving me d* and n* so hoping it's that. The antibiotics have also given me quite bad reflux and that's made me quite gaggy all day. I've also got period like cramps which is probably normal as I'm due on.

    I want this nausea to go away. I've taken an anti-sickness tablet. I can't deal with this. I would rather die than be s*. This nausea is very real. Please someone reassure me it's most likely the penicillin I'm on. I hate this so much. I'm really worried as I had a KFC about seven hours ago but it was fine, I've used that particular KFC many times before and no problems. Please someone help me from panicking.

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    Default Re: Sudden n*, horrific panic

    I know the feeling all too well. Maybe open a window and breathe in cold air, that helps me sometimes. Do you have someone local you could call? I have a couple of friends who know how I get panicked and they are my emergency contacts, I can call them and we talk and they help me talk myself out of the anxiety.

    You are right, it is probably a combination of new medicine and maybe not the best ever food (KFC and sweets, might upset your tum a bit, especially if it is unhappy because of the antibiotics), but that won't make you v*. Is there anything that has helped before? I have a happy song that I listen to and hum to make myself calm. Try to find something that will bring your anxiety down, then half the battle is won!



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