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    Thumbs down Need some reassurance…

    It was my first day back at uni today and, of course, I was freaking out about what germs people were bringing in and if I was going to be okay.

    I am now sat in my bed feeling very off and strange. Slightly n* and very panicky. I just ate some dinner and now freaking out abut whether I had washed my hands during uni!
    And to top it off, all over my Facebook is people saying they're ill.. UGH!!!!

    I'm fed up now. I just want to feel a normal day. Like, a WHOLE day of just care free thoughts.

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    oh honey I'm sure you're fine and it was just the feeling if being back at school and getting into your routine. why don't you take a nice shower and throw on some tv?

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    You're just feeling that way because of anxiety. Think of it this way, if it was something from uni (germs from your classmates or whatever) you wouldn't be having symptoms yet, it's not instantaneous. I know it's stressful to be in an environment like that for the first few days, but you'll be just fine and after a few days of being fine, you'll start to realize both consciously and subconsciously that it isn't dangerous and you will feel better and you'll stop worrying. I felt the same when I started my masters, I was in a bigger university in a really dirty town and I freaked out for a few days about germs. Then I realized I was being silly. Just keep washing your hands when you come home and before eating, and you will be perfectly fine.



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