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    Default Full blown panic.

    Sorry to post again but yesterday I was freaking out because I was with a. Friend who had vomiting with a fever the day before we hung out. And she rode in my car and I went in her apartment and went out to eat with her. I washed my hands before I ate and wiped my phone down with sanitizer after she touched it. But I'm still worried I somehow got it because I'm in full blown panic mode right now. I started to get a headache 4 hours ago and it progressively got worse so I took 3 advils and it's just now relieving 2 hours later. Now I feel sick though. My stomach is burning like crazy and I can feel it coming up and burning my throat and now I'm panicked that I'm gonna be sick and that I got whatever she had. She said no one else she's been around has gotten it and she doesn't think she was contagious. But I'm still so scared. Someone please help.

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    Default Re: Full blown panic.

    The headache has nothing to do with sv, and the burning is most likely from taking advils, it is very irritating to the digestive tract. Also, sv don't cause acid to come up your throat, that's reflux, which is brought on by stress and the irritation from the painkillers. Take deep breaths, relax. Take some antacids if you have some, and try to calm down, you will be fine.

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    I ended up getting to bed around 3 last night. Although my stomach is still burning today and now I'm nauseous on top of it. It's been a full 48 hours since I've been with my sick friend so I'm in the clear right? She was in my car however so I'm worried I might have picked something up from her being in the car.



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