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    Default the dreaded head cold

    I've never been more run-down in my life: I just graduated college and decided to stay around the town a few days after graduation to celebrate with friends. We have been constantly running around, have been drinking a lot as well, and it all finally crashed down on me this morning when I woke up with a terrible sore throat. All day my throat has been bothering me, and it feels like your typical beginning of a cold thing. But now the soreness in my throat has made its way up into my head and I have a sinus head ache, preventing me from falling asleep. I need to drive home tomorrow morning--2 hr drive--but I can't even fall back to sleep, it's already 1:05 am. I keep hallucinating, I don't even know what I'm hallucinating, but it's freaking me out. This is sort of OT because I don't necessarily feel n* or think I might v*, although I do keep needing to burp, but feeling sick in general makes me freak out. Part of me is trying to tell myself that this is more than a head cold (fever maybe?) but I tend to overreact or dramatize my sicknesses.

    Ugh, I just need to fall asleep. There's really no reason for this post, I just wanted to voice my anxieties. Thanks for listening! (or reading)

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    Default Re: the dreaded head cold

    Did you manage to get some sleep? I know it sucks, the hallucinating it from being too tired and stressed, along with a touch of fever most likely. The general feeling sick, well... you were out partying for days, obviously you're feeling sick. You need rest, that's all. Your digestive system will be upset from drinking a lot and being tired.

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    Default Re: the dreaded head cold

    eat a clove of garlic. Just trust me.
    May your dreams be bigger than your fears



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