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    Default My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    Yesterday night I went out to eat and when I got back home my stomach was hurting. Since then, almost a full day ago, it hasn't stopped. I don't remember what nausea is, but I have had soft greenish yellow stool (I'm sorry, gross I know) and it burned coming out. A person I work with has been v* all night but I haven't seen her for about a month or two. It aches between the ribs and belly button, and it has a sharp stabbing pins and needles kind if feeling radiating out from my navel. Also it is stabby in my actual stonach. I have also had an issue with very loud bubbling noises. It now hurts on my ovary areas if I try to poop, and I have been feeling kind of fuzzy and hot. Also, when I try to burp, because it often feels like I have to, it feels as though a liquid is rising in my throat and I try to stop burping, not wanting to v*. What do you all think this is, and how long do I probably have to wait it out/what can I do to stop it? Thank you!

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    Default Re: My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    that sounds a lot like acid reflux/indigestion. Try taking an acid reducer like pepto bismol, or something and i am sure you will be better.
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    Default Re: My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    pepto or tums should help. I think it's indigestion or acid as well. eat some bland stuff and maybe ginger ale. I think you'd be sick by now if you were going to be .

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    Default Re: My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    That sounds like dyspepsia. I get that alot especially if I eat foods that don't sit well with my acid reflux. Like the others said trying taking Tums if that doesn't work you can get over the counter zantac. It is suppose to be stronger than Tums. Hang in there you should be ok
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    Default Re: My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    Agree with above posters...sounds like indigestion and gas. Have you tried anything yet and are you feeling better?
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    Default Re: My stomach has been hurting for a day now?

    Thank you everyone! I just went to sleep and when I woke up, I felt pretty much all better! I don't have any tums but I will get some soon. I think it was acid reflux, or just exhaustion mixed with anxiety.



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