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    Okay so this is my first post on here and it's the first time I've turned to someone with the problem I have and I urgently need help. I saw my boyfriend Friday morning and kissed him, it's now Saturday night and he has came down with a stomach virus. I am now stupidly scared, anxious and worried that I'm going to get it. Can I get it before symptoms have shown? I'm not going to sleep just invade I have it but I need help and advice urgently!!!!

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    From what I have been told you can not catch it until the person who is sick shows symptoms. If you were not with him while he was actively sick then you should be fine. It has been said, however, that people can be contagious for up to two weeks after they first have symptoms.

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    Yes, don't worry about it. Although I have read many different things on many different websites about it, the earliest I have heard is that the person can be contagious from the point they feel nausea, which is usually a couple of hours before. So you shouldn't have a problem. Plus, when I had noro in the evening, I was with many people in the day at school and none of them caught it. It isn't a kiss obviously but the surfaces etc would have equally have been contaminated if I was contagious, which they weren't. You should be fine.



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