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Thread: Scared... Again

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    Hey guys. I'm hoping this is all just some anxiety but.... I was fine all day at work and I was rushing to get to the movie theater because I was meeting my family there. I got there and sat down, I ate a few pieces of popcorn and drank some Coke. I then got this lump in my throat and I freaked out. I felt sick and just ugh. I feel a little better now but my stomach is making weird noises. I think it's just gas but I'm not sure. The lump is still there... Could it be sinuses? Or am I going to v? Please help.

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    Had you eaten much beforehand? The noises could very well be because you were hungry or even digesting what you had eaten. As for the lump in thr throat I have gotten a feeling like that before with two things..one sinuses draining..aka postnasal drip. And heart burn type things. Hope you are feeling better



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