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    Default Maybe a bit tmi...

    I think there's something seriously wrong with my digestive track. I've been feeling off for most of the day. Acidy tum, pressure in my guts and constant pooing. The last one was duel coloured - dark on the inside and lighter on the outside. Just after I started feeling like this my manager came in and said to avoid her manager - she'd been running back and fourth to the loo. I couldn't have possibly caught anything in the four hours I was in there that could have effected me that quickly, could I of?, I've been on holiday for a week and nowhere near the place.... Just seems too coincidental :/

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    I doubt you have caught something from her especially if you haven't been near your place of work. Usually it takes 48 to 72 hours even. Have you had any changes to your duet? Do you have IBS?



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