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    Default Christmas Job with Children

    Hello Everyone,
    Havent posted on here for a while- ive had some ups and downs but all in all miles better from what i was a few years ago- but am in need of some advice.
    Ive been given a great opportunity to have a job this Christmas as a Christmas Elf at our local Christmas grotto (think disneyfied and like a glitter bomb has exploded) which is great,
    The best bit about it is that I am a struggling actor and doing this job will allow me to enter Equity (its a bit like the UK SAG but a bit easier to get into, but still difficult) ... now i know its going to be the season of good will, but also virus season, and a few years ago I would barely leave the house in winter, so the notion that im even considering this is real progress.

    Its a great opportunity for me but i'm starting to panic about the Children and the possibility of catching an illness, or worse still- having to deal with a child with V.
    Should I pass up on this opportunity? I'm sure there will but opportunity to join in the future- and I'm usually great with kids, but I am in a serious worry about a child doing you know what, me having to sort it and then catching it myself.

    Would be very grateful if anyones ever worked in a similar situation, or got any advice at all.
    Peace and Love, Stay Strong
    Sophie xx

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    Default Re: Christmas Job with Children

    Wow what a great opportunity! I was thinking last year that I would love to be an elf!!!
    It would be a real shame to miss out on such a great opportunity but I can totally understand your dilemma. I don't really know what to say as I totally agree with your worries but if the worst did happen I don't think they would expect an elf to clean it up, lol!

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    Default Re: Christmas Job with Children

    Oh My Goodness...THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!! ***think disneyfied and like a glitter bomb has exploded) which is great**

    This cracked me up hard. I read it yesterday, and I had to go in and read it again because it was just wonderful! LOL! My advice - GO DO IT! Work with the children! You won't regret it - this phobia shouldn't stop us from living LIFE! Congratulations, go be that shooting star!!!!!

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    Default Re: Christmas Job with Children

    DO NOT let this opportunity pass!! Use it as an opportunity to prove to yourself what you can do and that you can beat the phobia. Remember, kids are going to have their parents with them so even if one does happen to be ill, a parent should deal with it and you're safe as long as you keep your hands clean (which I'm sure is encouraged!)

    What an awesome opportunity! It sounds like so much fun!!



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