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    Default Help! Exposure?!?

    I'm in 8th grade and on the bus yesterday I sat with my friend on the way to and from school, and she was with me at my locker and at her locker. She was out today so i texted her why, and she said she doesn't know if she has fp or a sv! She says that since Sunday she felt gross and tired but got sick Monday night, but Monday (yesterday) I was with her!!! Was she contagious before getting sick?!? Was I exposed?!? What happens if she spit on me while speaking by accident?!??!!? I'm not sitting with her or going near her for the next week, and she knows that. But was I exposed? I have something imprortant this week, please, will I be sick?!? Freaking out!!

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    No, the stomach virus is only spread through v* particles and poop particles. So she hadn't gotten sick yet when you were by her on Monday so the only way for it to have been spread was if she went to the bathroom right before school and didnt wash her hands and touched you or your things....... and if she had gone to the bathroom I'm sure she washed her hands, but even if she didnt, as long as YOU washed your hands before touching your face and eating, there's no way you could have gotten it. The SV is not spread through saliva.

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    Well it is true that the SV can be shed by somebody up to a few hours before they begin to show symptoms, but it is not possible for them to secrete the virus in their saliva before they start showing symptoms. So whatever you might read on Google about people being contagious before they're showing symptoms, just be aware that firstly there is a limited amount of evidence for this and secondly, the particles are only shed in their poop (faeces). Ok so that's the first thing to remember.

    The second thing to remember, and this one is important because it's something that we all panic about - in fact look through my recent threads you'll see that even I panic about it - it's highly unlikely that you would catch the bug from somebody spitting on you. Ok, so let's face it, sometimes when people talk, they spit and sometimes that spit gets onto our faces, but unless you pretty much had your mouth wide open the whole time she was speaking, it's very unlikely that any spit would have got in there. And even if we assume some of her spit did get into your mouth, bearing in mind that she wasn't yet showing any symptoms which means that the virus particles were nowhere near her mouth (at that point they would still be in her intestines), you couldn't possibly have caught the virus from her.

    And as Hello_there very helpfully points out, the only way you might have caught it would have been if you were cavaliering about the school wiping your hands along toilet seats, touching your face and sticking your fingers in your mouth without having washed your hands... No sorry, I'm just kidding a little. But in all seriousness, the most important thing that you can do to protect yourself from catching the SV is wash your hands. I've said it countless times to countless people because it still remains the most effective way of reducing your chances of catching a SV. In fact, you're doing much better than that, because you're avoiding her whilst she's ill too, which is another simple yet important step you can take to reduce your chances of getting ill significantly.

    Dig through some of the threads here, you'll find countless stories of people who have shared houses with ill family members and yet have still avoided getting ill themselves just by washing their hands. Short of a vaccine it's the most effective way of heading off the SV. Keep all that in mind and try not to let yourself get too anxious, I promise you, you'll be fine



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