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    So, I'm at college and everything has been going so well until tonight..I've been fine all night, hanging out with my friends and everything. My roommate and I went to lay down to go to bed and then all of a sudden I felt like I was going to have d*** and so that freaked me out, but I was okay and nothing came out. Next though, out of nowhere I felt so n*** in my throat and I literally had to get up and walk outside of my building because I was shaking and I couldn't breathe and I was n***. I'm still shaking and I still feel a bit n*** and I'm really scared. I didn't eat anything weird today...just pizza. I'm really scared...please help.

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    How are you feeling now? When you went to lay down, were you having any worries? The n* could have been from the anxiety from thinking you were going to have d* (which might have just been gas). Update us on how you are.

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    I was up until around 4am yesterday feeling like I was going to v** but I feel a bit better today.

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    Sounds like a false alarm!! You should be OK (: ....
    Coulda been the pizza

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    If the pizza was very greasy it could definitely cause an upset tummy but I'm sure you will be fine.



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