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    Default Worried About My Sister

    So, as the title says, my older sister came home from a party over half an hour ago, and she v*ed on the floor pretty much as soon as she came home (according to my mom; I didn't see or hear it). And since my mom knows about my emetophobia, she told me to just stay in my room.

    To make things worse, my sister has been crying HYSTERICALLY ever since she v*ed, and she sounds incredibly miserable (and she almost NEVER cries, let alone this much and this hard). I've heard that people get extremely emotional when they're drunk, so could that be why she's crying like this?

    Also, I know this is probably a really, REALLY dumb question, but... could my mom, my younger sister, or I get sick from being in contact with her or from coming in contact with/accidentally touching the v*?

    Thanks. I'm panicking right now, so I'm sorry if this all sounds stupid.

    (P.S. I would like to add that my sister is of legal drinking age.)

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    Default Re: Worried About My Sister

    I think the reason your sister v* when she cam home from the party was because she was most likely drunk. If that is the reason you and your mom will not get sick. Try not to worry about it and over think it. I know it is easier said than done because I am the same way. Last year my roommate at the time went out and came home drunk. The next morning I heard her v* in the bathroom. She did a few times and said how she felt so sick all day. It lasted until about dinner time. She said it was because she was hungover, but I convinced myself it was because she got the sv. I kept cleaning the bathroom after her and got so scared thinking I was going to get it. Long story short, I never got sick, so she was right, it was from drinking and being hungover. I think that is why your sister v*ed on the floor. Try to relax and stay in your room. You will be fine!

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    Default Re: Worried About My Sister

    Drunk v* can be gross but quite reassuring....my mate did it in 2013 after drinking (get ready) a whole BOTTLE of brandy. I was the first one to see him do it on my friends lovely apartment floor and rubbed his back.... I stayed calm but found it disgusting but tested myself to watch him for as long as I could (it went on for a good two hours on and off) and I shook his hand the next morning and said "well cheers for that! You've made me so much better with my fear!"

    Buttt that was before I hit rock bottom with emet haha.
    Anyway, how are you now? I'm sure she's gonna be starving today!

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    Default Re: Worried About My Sister

    Thanks guys! I'm feeling so much better now.
    I don't think my sister has v*ed since last night. She's still kinda recovering from her hangover, but she seems to be feeling almost completely better.

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    Default Re: Worried About My Sister

    Poor girl. Glad she is feeling better! Honestly IMO being drunk-sick is just awful - way worse than while having a bug. I've cried before too lol!



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