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    Default New worrying thought

    I thought I had this under control but a new thought is undermining me: I get full on panic attacks sometimes where I HAVE to leave. total blind panic. this is due to my "new distinctive thought" which is: "what if I panic so much I AM s*k?"

    now in all my 20+ years of panic attacks off and on this has never happened. it's not going to suddenly start now is it? sounds a ridiculous question I know

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    Default Re: New worrying thought

    anyone? I know I kinda answered my own question but just looking for a little reassurance. 😀

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    Default Re: New worrying thought

    I suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia back last winter, and had the exact same thought.
    That thought ramped everything up, it's essentially why I was agoraphobic.

    What I always told myself, and also heard talking to others or reading threads/other sites is that unless you are prone to v* during attacks, it is very rare it happens. Nervous stomach? THAT happens. But v* is rare unless you're someone who is susceptible.

    I highly suggest you read Claire Weeke's "Hope and Help for your nerves". It's like, 2 bucks on Amazon. It helped me SO much with panic and there is a section specifically on v* and how rare it is with panic.

    If anything else, if it actually DOES happen that you DO v* from panic (which you won't) take comfort in knowing it is likely an isolated incident caused by a known trigger - your panic - and not an illness that you have to ride out.

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    Default Re: New worrying thought

    that's true thanks for the reply. It's kinda ridiculous worrying about a panic attack making it happen since it hasn't so far in 20 years but I get ridiculous thoughts stuck in my head sometimes.

    I'll give that book a read



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