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Thread: It happened!

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    Default It happened!

    After suffering from this god awful phobia for most of my life, I think I finally can say that I've beat it.

    I've been sick as a dog with a cold & then strep throat for about a week. Today I felt very weak and tired and tried to eat a popsicle but I just couldn't do it. A while after I felt a sudden rush come over me. I knew there was no stopping it, so I went to the bathroom and took deep breaths and reminded myself that it was natural, and I'd feel much better after.

    Frankly, it really wasn't as bad as I imagined it to be! Not only did my stomach feel rested but I felt so great and confident in myself for actually letting it happen, after physically restraining myself many times before. This is the first time its happened in 6 years. Before that, it's only happened a handful of times, but back when I was too young to remember. I know this is odd but I actually smiled as I was doing it lol, smiling actually made it a bit better.

    Anyways I hope this triumph can give a lil bit of inspiration to some of y'all. Trust me on this. If your tummy isn't feeling well it feels a MILLION times better to just let it out rather than hold it in and feel nauseous for hours. And this is coming from someone who used to panic about this all day, every day. I'm so glad I finally got over such a big issue in my life and I hope all of you can make this triumph someday as well.

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    Default Re: It happened!

    Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you, catharsis!!! <3

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    Default Re: It happened!

    Nice work! So glad for you. It happened to me over the summer and I was like, "Cool, cool; I feel better now."

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    Default Re: It happened!

    Fantastic! Well done. Now you need to keep on reminding yourself that it wasn't a big deal. Don't let the fear creep back.

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    Default Re: It happened!

    WOW!!! Well done you!

    I aspire to that level of bravery. Really needed to hear someone say this. I'm new here, and have just started therapy, and it isn't going that well. Thank you for sharing - it gives me hope.

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    Default Re: It happened!

    This really helps me, thank you so much. Like mentioned above, do not let the fear creep back up on you! Proud of you :-)



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